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10th Theatre Olympics

10th Theatre Olympics

24 May 2023

World Festival of Puppetry, Hungary, 9 April – 30 June 2023

13 cities in Hungary (Békéscsaba, Budapest, Debrecen, Eger, Győr, Kaposvár, Kecskemét, Miskolc, Pécs, Szeged, Szombathely, Veszprém, Zalaegerszeg)

The international festival is organised in the spirit of cooperation, which opens up the opportunity for Hungarian puppetry to be introduced to puppet theatres all over the world. During the two and a half months, 13 puppet theatres all over the country will present 344 theatrical events, among them contemporary puppetry, fairground puppetry, stilt shows, street theatre and performances in many other exciting genres. 53 theatrical companies from abroad, 7 Hungarian ones from neighbouring countries and 57 troupes from Hungary will assemble in the spirit of the Olympics in order to showcase the diverse world of puppetry.

Hungarian without Borders

Introducing Hungarian puppet theatres from beyond the borders 

in memoriam Ildikó Kovács

As part of the Hungarian Without Borders programme, we will be hosting Gyöngyi Écsi, a storyteller from Upper Hungary, who will be presenting her story "Kálmán of the Grapes"

Vojtina Puppet Theatre

Debrecen, 1 Kossuth Street

8 May 2023 (Monday) 9.30, 11.00 and 14.00
Performance duration: 50 minutes

Recommended age: 3+

Ticket price: 1500 HUF/person

House of Figures

Contemporary trends in puppetry, performances 

in memoriam Iván Koós

As part of the House of Figures programme, the famous Dutch Duda Paiva Company comes to Debrecen with a children's performance titled Forgotten Creatures and Lost Causes.

Vojtina Puppet Theatre

Debrecen, 13 Kálvin Square, Theatre Hall

20 May 2023 (Saturday) 15.00

Performance duration: 60 minutes

Recommended age: 6+

Ticket price: 1500 HUF/person

No language skills required

,,Hello, Buddies!”

28 May - 24 June 2023

World assembly of barnstormers, outdoor chain-festival

in memoriam Henrik Kemény

244 performances and events (115 foreign, 120 domestic, 9 Hungarian from abroad) on 5 weekends in the country, in 13 county towns

In Debrecen 36 performances and events over 5 weekends in 9 venues

The open-air chain festival presents to the public the artistic community in which stunt performers and fairground puppeteers have for centuries inspired each other and reflected on our human qualities and social structure to make the audience laugh. The players who have been invited are always mindful of established traditions, but also brave enough to experiment and create new forms of play. There will be performers from Italy to America, with stories for all ages.

"Hello, Buddies!" 5 weekends in Debrecen:

Days, Events and Location:

28 May Children's Day fair Sziget-kék Playground, 10.00-18.00
10.00  Creative Crater Crew: Above Ground — acrobatics on stilts (Hungary)

11.15. Zsuzsa Lehőcz-Dániel Takács: Vitéz László-The buried treasure — traditional fairground puppet show (Hungary)

12.15 Company La Tal: Carillo — street theatre (Spain)

13.30 Rozka Sőrés: Fairytale tree — fairy tales in a bunch (Hungary)

14.30 Teatr Snów: The Room — street theatre on stilts (Poland)

15.30 Gaspare Nasuto: Pulcinella — traditional fairground puppet show (Italy)

16.40 Robert Styles: Punch and Judy — traditional fairground puppet show (UK)

In case of rain, the programmes will take place in the Vojtina Puppet Theatre.

03 June Pulcinellas' weekend — Memorypark behind the Great Church in Debrecen 15.00-21.30

The day's programmes can be viewed by purchasing a 1500 HUF wristband, which gives you access at any time during the event. Tickets can be purchased in advance at the box office of Vojtina Puppet Theatre - Kálvin tér 13. or on site before the performance (1500 HUF/person). Information on the Vojtina Puppet Theatre website.

15.00 Ars Sol Luna: Bosch Project — street Theatre (Hungary)

Route of the street theatre: Memorypark, Kossuth Square, Dósa nádor Square, Memorypark

16.00 Ziránó Theatre: Pulcinella gardening — traditional fairground puppet show (Hungary)

17.00 Simorág TánCirkusz: Devil's Tale — circus-theatre-dance-tale (Hungary)

18.00 Salvatore Gatto: Pulcinella — traditional fairground puppet show (Italy)

19.00-19.30 Simorág TánCirkusz: Juggler's Playhouse — interactive juggling (Hungary)

15.00-19.30 Tekergőtér — skill games (Hungary)

10 June Rainbow Day—Literature’s House (Péterfia Street 28.), 15.00-20.00
The day's programmes can be viewed by purchasing a 1500 HUF wristband, which gives you access at any time during the event. Tickets can be purchased in advance at the box office of Vojtina Puppet Theatre - Kálvin tér 13. or on site before the performance (1500 HUF/person). Information on the Vojtina Puppet Theatre website.

15.00 Karromato: Wooden Circus — marionette theatre (Czech Republic)

16.00 Danny tells a story: Kodzsugukila the witch — musical puppet show (Hungary)

17.30 Csaba Méhes: Mimóka — pantomim (Hungary)

19.00 Bori Fekete and the Etnofon Musical Society: Praising the girl — concert (Hungary)

15.00-19.00 Ivan Gontko — a performance with a twinkle (Slovakia)

15.00-19.00 Tekergőtér — skill games (Hungary)

In case of rain, the programmes will take place in the Vojtina Puppet Theatre.

17-18 June International Gathering of the Redhats Sziget-kék, Culture Park, Frog Lake
Under organisation

23-24 June Midsummer Night's Magic (Night of Puppet Theatres and Museums) Memorypark (Emlékkert) and Fish Square (Hal köz)

23 June, MemoryPark (Emlékkert behind the Great Church in Debrecen)

19.00 Dan Marquez: Funnykito Show — magic show (Brazil)

21.30 Creative Crater Crew: Pyro Trio — acrobatic fire juggling (Hungary)

24 June, Fish Square (Hal köz)

18.00 Alex Mihajlovski: Alex Barti Show — marionette theatre (Macedonia)

21.00 LedPuppets Light Theatre: The Book of Neptune — light theatre (Hungary)

22.00 Auria Fire Juggling Group: Dance of light and shadow — fire juggling (Hungary)

Paper canoe
Open-air exhibition, programme guide, experience navigator

in memoriam Géza Blattner

Open to visitors: 19 May — 24 June 2023
Location: Dósa Nádor Square

The phrase "paper canoe" was borrowed from theatre director Eugenio Barba. According to Barba's creed in art he is looking for what is on the other side of the river, and for him the "paper canoe" is a means of getting to the other side.

Vojtina Puppet Theatre's paper canoe is a meeting place, where you can find out all the information about the events happening during this two and a half months, where the artist and  his audience can meet, where you can share your experiences with each other.


"Who will rise up to the rainbow?" (László Nagy)

"Who rises to the rainbow?"

The rainbow is a biblical symbol, a symbol of hope and covenant in the story of Noah. The rainbow is a mirage, yet it formes a bridge between heaven and earth, connecting the things we experience with phenomena beyond experience.

We invite you to an extraordinary projected exhibition of images of a quarter of a century of Hungarian puppetry!

The narrative of the images is a stream of hundreds of photographs of Hungarian puppetry in the 21st century.

In the focus of the dramaturgy of the images is the aesthetic, the diverse textures of the theatrical formal language.

The images in the gallery are selected from the archives of 13 Hungarian puppet theatres.

Screening and events of the TEXTURES gallery:

Place: MemoryPark (Emlékkert behind the Great Church)

Date: 03 June 2023, 20.30

in memoriam Henrik Kemény

5 May - 15 September 2023

Debrecen, 1 Kossuth Street

Where is the centre of the world?

Our exhibition builds a universe of fairgrounds, drawing on the legacy of Henrik Kemény. Henrik Kemény, the greatest Vitéz László player of the 20th century, lived constantly on stage, in the territory he created and designated for himself, on the self-contained, horizontally closed, vertically infinitely open stage. He went through it every day because he wanted to experience the feeling of being able to reverse the causality, to undo what had already happened, to overcome the greatest burden of human life, death.

The exhibition creates a bridge over the gap between real theatrical spaces and fictional, interior theatres. It evokes Henrik Kemény's labyrinth of boxes, the imaginary space of the play that he unwittingly yet deliberately created in his home,  for the time and space he used to relax after real performances. In this created theatre of boxes and suitcases, arranged in causal order, two things were real: the labyrinth of boxes with the collection of puppet props stored in them, and himself, the Player playing the leading role.

Vitéz László (Laszlo the Brave) —  Mishap in the Mill

Vitéz László (Laszlo the Brave) is undoubtedly one of the most colourful and lively figures of Hungarian theatre culture. His red cap, his pancake-pan and his characteristic ways of speaking are known to young and old alike. He lives with us, but never grows old. His most famous feats were performed in the cursed mill, where he conquered ghosts, devils and death. But what happens when these vanquished underworld figures return, stronger than ever? To whom can Uncle Molinari turn for help? Who can purify the mill again? Laszlo the Brave, of course! When trouble strikes, he just whips out his pancake pan and the adventures begin...

The living tradition always points the way for the present and provides valid answers for all times. Just like Laszlo the Brave!

Recommended from the age of 3!

You can buy tickets for our performances at the box office of the Vojtina Puppet Theatre (4026 Debrecen, 13 Kálvin Square) from Monday to Friday 9.00-12.30, 13.00-17.00 and on Sunday 9.00-12.00.

Tickets for our performances can be booked on our website (, by phone +36 52 418-160 or +36 20 964-9575, at the Vojtina Puppet Theatre box office (4026 Debrecen, 13 Kálvin Square) or by e-mailing

Vojtina Puppet Theatre reserves the right to change the programme!

VOJTINA PUPPET THEATRE 4026 Debrecen, 13 Kálvin Square. +36 52 418 160, +36 20 964 9575,

For further information on the programmes of the 10th Theatre Olimpics and the World Festival of Puppetry please visit the following pages:

10th Theatre Olympics - 

Association of Hungarian Puppeteers -

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