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6 September 2022


The special feature of our exhibitions is that we also link them to direct creative activity, the experience of being a spectator and a creator will be present at the same time. Each exhibition is also an experiment, as improvisation, constant change, the possibility of immediate experimentation can provide a lot of impulses and stimuli. Building on the specificities of puppetry, the exhibitions will allow space to explore the boundless beauty of photography, fine art, graphics, sculpture, applied arts.

Feelings-IN-each other (synaesthesia) - exhibition series

"A ripple of colours! The hum of lights!" (Dsida Jenő)

Synesthesia is the phenomenon where a sensation perceived by one sense organ evokes a sensation perceived by another (e.g.: the colour yellow is warm, blue is cold). Even the ancient Greek philosophers debated whether the colouring of sounds, i.e. the timbre of a sound, was a real physical quality.
In this season, we explore the mysteries of space. In 5 exhibition units, we will explore a contemporary approach to the creation and transformation of space, and the many ways of experiencing direct creation. We strive to make the aesthetics of the exhibition space, transformed into a creative space, conducive to inspiring, experimental activities, to moving out of the comfort of the spectator. Spontaneity, improvisation and surrealism are given space in our gallery. Relying on the theories of spatial theory and spatial poetics, we will experiment and strive for synesthesia. We are also interested in how the structure and variable rearrangement of space affects the processes of creation, collective thinking, the improvised manuality of child spectators, and how the freedom of transformability can be enhanced in the enclosed, architectural spaces of the theatre.
The playfulness of the objects placed in the space and the interpretations and currents that the built spaces provoke in the participants will be examined.

Elements of the series:

- On the land of dwarfs and giants (scale and proportion, few and many)
- Regular and organic variations (angles and curves)
- Freeze-framed images (flat and plastic)
- Spaces of fantasy (reality and fiction)
- Secrets and magic (transparent and opaque)

4026 Debrecen, Kálvin tér 13.+36 (52)