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Puppets and interactivity

Puppets and interactivity

6 September 2022

Adult or adult?

We are planning an evening of discussion for adult parents, professionals, university students, in other words for anyone who, after seeing a performance, would like to talk about theatre, its effects, digital and traditional forms of communication and theatre, the interplay between psychology and puppet theatre, everyday heroes, the trials and tribulations of our stories and our everyday lives.


For over two decades, our puppet theatre has been at the heart of amateur puppetry in the county and region. We see it as natural to support and help groups of children and the teachers who run them. We see this as part of our theatre pedagogy. We look for direct solutions for artistic mediation, we create situations in which mutual learning, cultivation and creative (direct) work can take place in communities.
This season we will continue to organise puppet themed days where you can try out creative writing, puppet design and making, and dramatic playhouse methodology. These activities are open to all professionals, teachers and parents who are interested.
We are planning training sessions for professional groups and creators who would like to think and act together to learn about artistic processes and their mediation.


,,It's not the power of the skills but the way they are used, the art of making sense, that counts, and this is refined with practice.”
Hajdú-Bihar County has a strong tradition of amateur puppetry. Several kindergartens and schools run puppet groups for fun and enthusiasm. These artistic amateurs, apart from their love of puppetry, consider the most important thing to be community work and playing together.
The groups are constantly creating, demanding the opportunity to perform for other audiences. This is why every year we organise a county-wide introductory Puppet Forum for them, where they can exchange experiences, get to know each other and meet professionals.
The main organiser of the Hajdú-Bihar County Puppet Forum is the National Institute of Culture, the permanent co-organisers are the Szín-Báb Association and the event is hosted by the Vojtina Puppet Theatre.

4026 Debrecen, Kálvin tér 13.+36 (52)