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Theatre pedagogy programme

Theatre pedagogy programme

7 September 2022

From 2011-2012, we expanded our range of interaction-based games and launched our theatre education programme. Our experience has shown that the effectiveness of non-formal learning in the puppet theatre is mainly through theatre and direct play. We organise open days, special performance classes and discussions for different age groups (pre-school, primary, secondary, secondary school and children with special educational needs). Our aim is to create a lasting, living link between our theatre and local communities and public schools, to encourage children to reflect on the shows, to address the issues that concern them and to strengthen their multifaceted approach to the world.
We welcome applications for our theatre education programme from pre-school groups, school classes, organisations working with children and adults with special educational needs. In our monthly programme booklet, The Puppet Theatre Series, and in the programme calendar on our website, we indicate the days on which we plan theatre-educational activities and get-togethers. These sessions require advance booking.

Programmes to choose from:

Form I: Puppet World - open days at the Vojtina Puppet Theatre
The programme starts with a tour of the puppet theatre, continues with a shows/play and ends with a joint interpretation of the performance.
(thematically structured days for groups of different ages, from kindergarten to secondary school)

Form II: PUPPET-HOUSE - the meeting of Hungarian dramatic - puppet folk traditions and contemporary puppetry
In the framework of this programme, each group visits us four times during the season, and in terms of the annual festive cycle, we touch on four important nodes in our plays: the harvest festivals, the nativity, carnival and Pentecost.
(from manuality through direct play, puppet and drama classes for preschool, kindergarten, and special needs children)

FORM III: PUPPET PLAY - unconventional performance-development classes, with a focus on theatre-going, exploring interpretations and experiences (for primary and secondary school pupils)

FORM IV: THEATRE EDUCATIONAL PLAYS (for secondary school pupils, 14-17 years old)

Title: Clear-out
Focus: family, love, social relationships, betrayals and disappointments, communication in the family.
Age range: secondary school (15 - 16 years old)
Venue: school classrooms or Vojtina Puppet Theatre
Duration: 120 minutes

Title: Family collage
Focus: family, identity, parent-child relationship, disappointments
Age range: primary school (12-13 years)
Venue: Play theatre (Vojtina Puppet Theatre)
Duration: 120 minutes

Title: The forest

Focus: poverty, success, need of help, own fates, responsibility
Age range: from 17-18
Duration: 3 hours

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